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Case Study


Equine pools are used in hydrotherapy for horse rehabilitation and conditioning. The natural properties of water provide therapeutic benefits while they exercise and recuperate from injuries.
Equine pools use ozone or uv, but these are secondary sanitizers and still require the addition of environmentally damaging chlorine. Salt systems, which produce chlorine, are difficult to manage pH.

Type: Recreational   Application: Equestrian (Horse water therapy)

• Animals in water present a particular challenge when balancing water chemistry. pH rises significantly when animals are in the water—as much as 3x the acid is needed to manage pH
• The use of chlorine can cause adverse reactions especially for sensitive skinned horses.
• pH imbalance reduces the effectiveness of any method of sanitation.

The highest possible water purity for this application uses the technology of Septor 7.
pH is precisely managed by oxidizing ions without any chemical additions to the water. Secondary sanitizers are not required but, if used, their effectiveness is enhanced.

  • 2 HP pump (1)

  • Adjustable pH 7.2 – 7.7 Ideal pH for animals is 7.6-7.7

  • System to be run 1-12 hrs per day

  • Custom unit 30 days to delivery

  • 30-89 gpm; minimum 30 gpm

  • Adjustable alkalinity 60-90 ideal for no side effects

  • No chemical

  • Must run system with pump and filtration while horse is in water

  • Must have 2 or more returns in pool

Hyper-Water technology can be applied to water sources used in a variety of applications. These is just one of our case studies where a Septor System has been designed to precisely manage water chemistry for a specific use. Contact us if you have a project that could benefit from a chemical free water system.

Hyper-Water Technology

HYDROVortX Ion Generator

Septor 7’s™ PATENTED Technology produces and dispenses pH-balancing ions into the existing filtration system to manage pH precisely, control alkalinity and inhibit algae growth.