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Case Study


Nutrient uptake in plants is directly related to nutrient availability and water quality affects the availability of nutrients for plants. The most important factors of water quality for agricultural applications are pH, alkalinity and soluble salts. For most crops an acidic pH (5.0-7.0) and alkalinity < 100 is recommended for healthy crop production. pH also affects the efficacy of pesticides, preservatives and growth regulators.
As more farms, nurseries and other agricultural enterprises search for methods to conserve water they are increasingly looking to using reclaimed, recycled or run off water for irrigation purposes. The challenge is in reconditioning the water from these sources to maintain healthy crops.

Type: Agriculture   Application: Irrigation & Crop Production – Citrus, Phoenix, AZ

A retail Phoenix nursery planning to expand their facility is investigating the cost, convenience and requirements to design a system to using recycled water for irrigation purposes to conserve water and reduce production costs. The concern is in regards to the costs of reconditioning the water to an equivalent source of the municipal water in use.
For the study, a test plot of 20 citrus trees, all of identical age, soil conditions, climate exposure and maintenance history. Ten trees were irrigated from the municipal water source (as previously maintained) and ten trees were irrigated with recycled water managed with Septor 26. A comparison of the yield, aesthetic qualities and growth were compared after 6 months.

Small scale prototype was developed using recycled water contained in a 5,000 gallon reservoir connected to the drip irrigation system. Water in the reservoir was managed at pH 6.0 and filtration occurred concurrently; alkalinity was maintained in the range of 60-80 ppm; no disinfection chemicals were added; periodic testing for plant pathogens in the reservoir was conducted by the nursery and all germs and bacteria were destroyed. There was a noticeable 15% increase in crop yield and healthier trees

  • Water reservoir can be 500 to 30,000 gallons

  • 60-90 gpH water flow needed

  • 2-60-72 square ft cartridge filter

  • 2 pumps or 1-2 HP pump

  • 2” pipe

  • Less than 40 ft from spray

  • Adjustable pH to 5.5 to 7.5

Hyper-Water technology can be applied to water sources used in a variety of applications. These is just one of our case studies where a Septor System has been designed to precisely manage water chemistry for a specific use. Contact us if you have a project that could benefit from a chemical free water system.

Hyper-Water Technology

HYDROVortX Ion Generator

Septor 7’s™ PATENTED Technology produces and dispenses pH-balancing ions into the existing filtration system to manage pH precisely, control alkalinity and inhibit algae growth.