ABOUT NoChemWater


It all started almost twenty years ago…

Almost twenty years ago Robin “RJ” Wagner realized he was puzzled and troubled by the practices of swimming pool industry.

The constant cycle of using noxious chemicals to manage swimming pool water seemed backwards. The use of one chemical compound triggered the need for others. He understood the damage these caustic chemicals did to pool equipment, surfaces and most importantly swimmers.

He wanted to rectify these hazardous issues and spent nearly half his life and millions of his own dollars to find a solution. He knew that the central focus of most treatment programs is sanitation. Yet the practice of dumping loads of chlorine, stabilizer and other products in the pool destroyed the water chemistry and knocked the pH out of the optimum range. Ironically – the very practice of using these methods to sanitize the water made it more difficult to sanitize the water. This is a system that is not only broken but highly toxic!

RJ instinctively knew that maintaining pH within the optimal range was the holy grail of managing swimming pool water. RJ worked diligently for nearly 2 decades to turn his dream into a reality. He created an amazing technology that is brilliant, yet beyond simple to install and operate. He keeps the inner workings of his invention a secret just as Coca – Cola keeps their recipe a secret. Septor 7 works as advertised and he backs it with a LifeTime Warranty. Amazingly the system streams pH balancing ions into the pool filtration system which perfectly maintains pH, eliminates algae and other microorganisms, and controls alkalinity and total hardness all at the same time!

NoChemWater Technology

HYDROVortX Ion Generator

Septor 7’s™ PATENTED Technology produces and dispenses pH-balancing ions into the existing filtration system to manage pH precisely, control alkalinity and inhibit algae growth.