The Benefits

  • Only Chemical Free Pool System in the World
  • Installs in 15 Minutes With No Alterations to Your Current System
  • You Never Have to Drain Your Pool Ever Again
  • Good for the Environment
  • No More Itchy Skin, Red Eyes, Dry Hair or Exposure to Toxic Chemicals
  • Swim CHEMICAL FREE in Healthy Pure Water tested SAFER than Tap Water!

The Savings

  • Saves Money as You Never Have to Add Chemicals to Your Pool Ever Again
  • Cuts Running Time of Filter Saving You Money Annually
  • No Costly Draining and Restarting of the Pool
  • Pays For Itself With the Money it Saves Year After Year
  • Costs Less Per Year to Run Than Any Other Pool System
  • Prevents Deterioration of Equipment and Pool Structure Saving 1000’s in Repairs


Septor 7™ is a freshwater swimming pool and spa water management system that purifies pool water, balances pH and completely eliminates the need for chlorine, stabilizer (cyanuric acid), salt, algaecide, and virtually all other standard pool chemicals. The Wave System does NOT use metals such as copper, which causes discoloration to surfaces, to produce the pH balancing-algae killing ion. The Wave™ uses technology not chemicals to manage the water. Imagine clear, clean chemical free water in your pool all from the simple to set-up and operate Wave™.

You Don’t Have to Imagine It…Just Get The Wave TODAY! We Offer the ONLY Lifetime Warranty in the Pool Industry!

A New Generation of the Wave is Here!



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Septor 7’s™ PATENTED Technology produces and dispenses pH-balancing ions into the existing filtration system to manage pH precisely, control alkalinity and inhibit algae growth. Septor 7’s™ Technology uses a proprietary low-voltage electrolytic process to produce the ions from 30% Muriatic Acid (Market name for hydrochloric acid). This acid NEVER enters the pool as it is contained in the Wave unit which create ions that form a mist in the top of the iVortex Ion Generator and are evacuated into the pools filtration system via the vacuum created by the your existing pump.

The Septor 7™ introduces a constant stream of pH 7.0 oxidizing ions into the pool’s filtration system that balance the water’s pH and controls total alkalinity. The ion is harmless and non-detectable to humans and animals and algae cannot survive with the ion in the pool. The ion inhibits growth of algae in the pool.

Normally pool owners use various highly toxic chlorine compounds to treat swimming pool and spa water. These chemicals are CARCINOGENIC meaning a substance capable of causing cancer in living tissue!The Wave eliminates the need for traditional carcinogenic sanitizers such as chlorine, shock or algaecides. Because the Wave’s ions are introduced before the pool’s filtration system much of the purification takes place within the filter where there is trapped organic matter. The result is a clear, clean, chemical free pool.

The residual ions continue to sanitize, balance pH and manage alkalinity for up to 60 hours. The oxidizing ions produced by the Septor 7 system are 100% active with no byproducts or harmful effects. The sanitizer in chemically maintained pools is only 20-30% effective in sanitizing–everything else is a byproducts that can harm people and animals and destroy pool equipment.

The use of use of costly stabilizer (cyanuric acid) necessary in chemically run pools further reduces the effectiveness of free chlorine by as much as 50%. Conversely, Septor 7’s™ technology does not require the use of stabilizer because it uses NO CHEMICALS in the pool!

This factor, combined with precise pH management, accounts for the differential in effectiveness and why The Wave is so much more efficient. If your pool has not been drained recently the hardness and stabilizer levels will be out of balance. This imbalance is rendering the chlorine and other sanitizing agents you keep throwing in the pool nearly useless. This causes you to use excessive chemicals in your pool creating a HIGHLY toxic swimming pool.

The set-up of the Septor 7™ System components does not require the modification of existing filtration facilities or any alteration to plumbing and piping or changes in flow characteristics. Self installation takes only 15 minutes! Septor 7’s iVortex™ operates on low DC voltage (5v) supplied from your existing exposure-resistant 110v transformer with integrated timing mechanism.


The Septor 7™ is the World’s easiest swimming pool system to operate and maintain. Once you have completed the initial setup – there are only 3 requirements:

1) Adjustment of the Wave’s Run Time based on the season or level of swimmer activity;

2) Replace the depleted Muriatic Acid approximately once per month (Acid NEVER enters pool and is no stronger than vinegar once depleted)

3)Replace iVortex™ generator approximately after 1600 hours of run time.

The Wave is set to run for a period of time during the operation of the pool’s filtration system. The Wave is so efficient it DOES NOT NEED TO BE OPERATED FOR AS LONG AS THE TYPICAL POOL’S FILTRATION SYSTEM.

For example: A 20,000 gallon pool may require a filtration time of between 7 – 8 hours per 24hr period. The Wave would only need to run between 4 – 5 hours per 24hr period. Under this example – the Wave would approximately require servicing with fresh Muriatic Acid monthly. This acid NEVER enters the pool so you are always swimming chemical free!

The iVortex generator would need replacing in approximately 6-9 months depending on run time. We have a web application that will remind customers of when to replace acid and generator. The replacement generators are $219 each, including tax and shipping, and are purchased directly from the manufacturer. A play pool (17,000 gallons or less) uses 1 generator and a diving pool uses 2.

Cost Comparison

Approximate Annual Cost Comparison of Septor 7 VS Chemicals

The costly TOXIC Carcinogenic Chemical Chlorine is used to disinfect and sanitize pool water, and comes in tablet or granular forms. Algaecides are used to prevent the growth of algae, balancers are used to avoid cloudy water and shock treatments are added after an in-ground pool has several swimmers.All of these chemicals add to the annual costs of maintaining a pool and average between $500 to $800, according to the Wall Street Journal.

That does NOT include the opening and closing pool costs nor does it include the cost of having to empty and refill the pool which NEVER has to be done EVER when you have the Septor 7 system. Of course the need for chemicals is COMPLETELY eliminated as Septor 7 handles all 3 phases of this chemistry…pH balance, Alkalinity control while simultaneously blocking the growth of algae. This provides a healthier life without chemicals and a healthier bank book with the savings year after year!

According to the Wall Street Journal chemical costs to run your pool average between $500 and $800 per year. Septor 7 eliminates that expense but also eliminates or reduces other expenses as well. Septor 7 chemical free system is very efficient and cuts the run time of the filter between 25 to 50%. This will help cut the electric cost of running your pool saving money year after year!

The final factor to consider is the wear and tear on your pool equipment and the pool structure itself. Both chemicals and salt are not only toxic to your body but they eat away at your equipment and pool structure. This can and will lead to very costly equipment replacement and pool resurfacing or liner replacements. We are talking 1000’s of dollars of future expenses being avoided by incorporating the Septor 7 system and getting rid of the toxic chemicals destroying your pool and your family!

When you factor in maintenance and repairs when using a traditional chemical pool system over time you can expect an average cost to run your pool to be about 10% of the cost of your pool installation (See Wall Street Journal Article HERE).

So if your pool costs $10,000 to install you can expect an average of $1000/year to maintain your pool. If your pool cost $20,000 to install the you can expect $2,000/year in pool maintenance. The average cost to run Septor 7  is approximately $300 per year for a play pool (this factors in generator replacement) and about $500 per year for a diving pool (also factoring in generator replacement). The Wave has the lowest operating cost of any pool management system, and will save you 1000’s over the course of time. Of course we cannot put a price on our health! Septor 7 is the Smartest, Healthiest, and Easiest Choice For Pool Maintenance!

If you are considering an alternative system to chlorine you MUST listen to this Audio file to fully understand your options. This audio file will explain the difference between Septor 7 and every other system claiming to “reduce” chemicals from the pool. After listening you will understand why Septor 7 is the ONLY Chemical Free Pool System in the world! It is also the only system that not only inhibits the growth of algae WITHOUT chemicals added to the pool, but also manages the pH and Alkalinity of the pool simultaneously!

Septor 7 VS Other Systems

Excerpts from an Article By Elizabeth Leon of Smart Fem
The Online Magazine For Woman

Pool Circulation System

Your entire swimming pool is similar to your body’s circulation system. Bodies of water in nature such as lakes, rivers and oceans are open to constant sources of refreshment. The human circulatory system—and a swimming pool circulatory system—is closed. Each re-circulate their respective fluids, with fresh liquids added less constantly. The problem with a pool is that people keep dumping chemicals in this enclosed system causing a toxic build up in the pool. This creates a hazardous pool of water for your family swimming pool.

Chlorine and the buildup of these chemicals is so toxic that it is causing dramatic health effect on our children. Think about this quote: “the impact of pool chemicals to our children is five times greater than second hand smoke”. Dr. Alfred Bernard Dr. Alfred Bernard is a professor of toxicology at the Catholic University of Louvain in Brussels and one of the world’s leading researchers on aquatic environments. He has published a series of studies documenting the effects of chlorine and its byproducts in swimming pools.

These chemicals are now being linked to cancer in Olympic swimmers and many of these world class swimmers no longer go in pools at all because of it. Imagine what it is doing to our children in their formative years!

When the chemicals used to disinfect the pool mix with organic matter (sweat, hair, urine) or commonly found in consumer products like makeup, shampoo, sun block etc. it can create an even more toxic agent called Chloramines, said Michael Plewa, a professor of genetics at the University of Illinois whose new research has linked pool chemicals to health problems, including asthma and bladder cancer.”

We need to get the pool chemicals out of our pools for the safety of our families!

Drugs have side effects on humans, chlorine has side effects on swimmers

The one important exception to this analogy is that the human circulatory system manages blood chemistry and the body’s health on its own—appreciate your white blood cells! A swimming pool system needs a human or a system to manage water chemistry and health. Keeping the water in a swimming pool clean is like treating a disease—using antibiotics to cure infection. To rid a pool of unwanted organisms such as algae, the powerful sanitizer chlorine is most often used.

Just as drugs have side effects on humans, chlorine has side effects on swimmers, pool equipment, pool structures (such as tile and plastics) and even on the water itself. When humans need antibiotics, their use is short term. But that’s not true with chlorine. Chlorine must be continually present to prevent the growth of algae but the minimum chlorine dosage can be difficult to determine in order to maintain clean water. The scary part is that chlorine is defined as a carcinogenic…which means it is a substance capable of causing cancer in living tissue! This is what our families are swimming in!

The use of chlorine is a trade-off: you put up with its irritations to keep the water clear, not green. But what if there was a viable alternative to chlorine and the use of other toxic chemicals in your pool? Your main objective is to provide total management of the pool’s water. That means a method to sanitize, manage pH, control hardness and alkalinity, and eliminate the need for stabilizer (cyanuric acid) and other chemicals (softeners, brighteners, algaecides, etc.). Do you really want to add more stuff to the swim?

Consider alternatives to chlorination

Many people turn to salt. A saltwater system doesn’t replace chlorine—it makes chlorine. It also destroys pH, adds to alkalinity and leaves unsightly and corrosive salt deposits all over pool surfaces and equipment. But there are popular misconceptions that fuel the popularity of saltwater pools. First, a saltwater pool is not a chemical free pool, or even a chlorine free pool. Salt water is not capable of providing any sanitation for pool water without electrolysis. During electrolysis, salty water is forced across a special metal cell that is charged with an electrical current. This process creates chlorine.

This chlorine has an identical chemical structure as purchased chlorine, and it has the same benefits and problems as purchased chlorine. By the way, the industry trade name for saltwater pool systems is called a chlorine generator. Four other systems offer various degrees of relief from pool chemicals: ozonators, ultraviolet light, metal based ionization systems and Winston La Gron Industries Technology.

Ozone and ultraviolet light systems are grouped together because they are effective sanitizers in the laboratory or in food processing facilities. These systems are being marketed (in the small print) as supplements to chlorine. Claims of safety vary—most tout a possible chlorine use reduction (NOT elimination!) of between 50 to 90 percent. How can you be sure these systems will work in your pool with such a wide range of possible chlorine reduction? There is no test to determine if they are working as billed.

The manufacturers of these systems still recommend keeping a minimum of 0.5-1.0 ppm of chlorine in your pool which, as it happens, is how much you would keep in your pool without an ozone or an ultraviolet light system. What about pH and alkalinity? You still have to use chemicals to manage those.

Using copper or silver– these systems are effective sanitizers on tiny quantities of water. They are more effective in fountains, spas and play pools but have a very difficult time keeping larger pools clean—especially in the hot desert environments like Arizona. Like ozone and ultraviolet light systems, ionization systems claim to reduce chlorine use (NOT Elimination!), and they still don’t manage overall water chemistry.

Now the ONLY system in the world that manages all principles of pool chemistry WITHOUT the use of chemicals in the pool!

Septor 7 balances pH, manages alkalinity and sanitizes the pool simultaneously!

The Septor 7 System uses PATENTED technology to produce a pH balancing, sanitizing ion that completely manages your pool’s water. The Septor 7 system eliminates the need for supplemental chlorine required by salt, ozone, ultraviolet light and ionization systems. Septor 7 technology does not require the use of stabilizer (cyanuric acid) and also controls hardness, which helps eliminate mineral deposits on pool surfaces and equipment. These systems are easy to set up with existing swimming pools. If you have a salt-water pool, it must be drained and filled with fresh water before implementing the Septor 7 System.

A New Generation of Septor 7 is Here!



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“Its like swimming in pure fresh water; no odor, no taste, just very relaxing and soothing water to the skin and eyes.”

– Dan C. of Peoria, AZ

“The water is phenomenal and the system maintains itself. I cant imagine using anything else for the health and safety of my family.”

– Rick R. of Scottsdale, AZ

“Genius, just genius. You have to own one to believe it. Water so pure there’s no calcium deposit or mineral build-up. The pool cleans itself and my energy bill was cut in half. Safest pool water for my family and grand-kids!”

– Herman F. of Scottsdale, AZ

“Two of my kids are extremely allergic to chlorine and have never been swimming in our own pool, until now! Thanks to Septor 7 I have four happy little swimmers and clear, clean, fresh water in the pool. You have to get this system for your pool if you care about the health of your family!”

Rebecca T, Scottsdale, Arizona

5.0 out of 5 stars Clean and Crystal Clear Water Without Chlorine

By Robert L Pugh When I purchased our home with a pool here near Phoenix, AZ two (2) years ago, I began to do a lot of research on the many methods of sanitizing the pool water. Chlorine is the most commonly used sanitizer, but it has so many negative personal side effects, e.g., itchy skin, red eyes, and unhealthy chlorine by products, along with the costs of the chlorine and related products which all go into keeping the pool water safe for use and free of algae, etc. I carefully studied the other methods of chemical free cleaning of the pool water including ultra violet light and copper ionization. I did not know of the Septor 7 device at that time.

Copper ionization seemed the most logical way to go. But after a year and a half of constant problems with the product, I found out about Septor 7. By that time, I had become very skeptical about everyone’s claims about pool water sanitizing. I certainly didn’t want to spend several more thousand of dollar only to be disappointed again. But after looking at the product, calling several current pool owners about the product and hearing their positive comments, I decided seven (7) months ago to give it a try. I couldn’t be happier.

It not only works as advertised in keeping the pool water clean and very clear, it also is gradually removing all the calcium stains along the pool tile edge and rock waterfall. I do not have to use any additional cleaning chemicals at all. The pool chemistry, i.e., the pH and alkalinity, are balanced every week. My only extra expense is a gallon of muriatic acid every three (3) weeks into which the Septor 7 wand is inserted. The pool water is crystal clear and clean. I have reduced the running time of the motors in half which should mean a longer life for the motors. And most importantly, I am confident that when my family uses the pool, they won’t be harmed by the cleaning chemicals. I highly recommend this product to you.

Why I purchased Septor 7

By Glenn What brought me to Septor 7 by Winston La Gron Industries. I have a older pool that has a pebble tec finish and a water fall feature. When we moved in a couple of years ago I noticed that the pool had some issues. There were areas on the waterline tile that the white grout was popping out. That caused black algae to grow deep in between the tile. One of the major pool supply houses told me after failed attempts with liquid algaecide that liquid algaecide wouldn’t work on that type of algae and the only way to get rid of this black algae is to break a chlorine tablet and use a part of it to scrub the black algae in that grout joint between the tiles. It worked for about a week and the algae came back. The more I continued to do this I notice more grout was coming out making things worse.

I’ve always stayed on top of the water chemistry and did a decent job at it. But after dealing with all the chemical pushing sales people at these pool stores I began to worry about all the chemicals that are actually in our pool. So I searched the web and after realizing there are other technologies to sanitize our pool, I found Septor 7 by Winston La Gron Industries. Now The Wave isn’t the cheapest technology out there but for what it does it can’t be beat. After I took the leap of faith and called Winston La Gron Industries, they were out and The Wave was installed and running in minutes. I followed RJ’s advice on how long to run the Wave and have not looked back since. After a week I had some questions that I was not sure of and called RJ and he came out and spent some time helping me to understand what was happening. You couldn’t ask for a more easier system to run.

After 5 months of running Septor 7 I called upon a personal friend of mine that works for a water technology company that test and treats water for all kinds of business’s including hospitals. He tested my pool water and couldn’t believe how pure the water was based on not using harsh chemicals. He told me that the Bio growth was practically nonexistent. He said the city would have to raise the chlorine level so high which would be very bad for our health to achieve the results he found in our pool. He was truly amazed.

So needless to say the black algae was gone within a week and has never returned, the waterline tile does not have the hard water cloudiness built up on them anymore. The water is crystal clear and the best part no more chemicals that my family will be swimming in.

I was skeptical at first but after the testing that I have had done, couldn’t be happier.

Thanks RJ for creating this system….


Almost twenty years ago Winston La Gron Industries’ founder Robin “RJ” Wagner realized he was puzzled and troubled by the practices of swimming pool industry. The constant cycle of using noxious chemicals to manage swimming pool water seemed backwards. The use of one chemical compound triggered the need for others. He understood the damage these caustic chemicals did to pool equipment, surfaces and most importantly swimmers.

He wanted to rectify these hazardous issues and spent nearly half his life and millions of his own dollars to find a solution. He knew that the central focus of most treatment programs is sanitation. Yet the practice of dumping loads of chlorine, stabilizer and other products in the pool destroyed the water chemistry and knocked the pH out of the optimum range. Ironically – the very practice of using these methods to sanitize the water made it more difficult to sanitize the water. This is a system that is not only broken but highly toxic!

RJ instinctively knew that maintaining pH within the optimal range was the holy grail of managing swimming pool water. RJ worked diligently for nearly 2 decades to turn his dream into a reality. He created an amazing technology that is brilliant, yet beyond simple to install and operate. He keeps the inner workings of his invention a secret just as Coca – Cola keeps their recipe a secret. Septor 7 works as advertised and he guarantee it! Amazingly the system streams pH balancing ions into the pool filtration system which perfectly maintains pH, eliminates algae and other microorganisms, and controls alkalinity and total hardness all at the same time!

What people might not realize is Septor 7 is not new. It is nearly 20 years in the making and has been sold for several years during the beta testing phase resulting in 1000’s of satisfied clients!

I would say that is a pretty good customer satisfaction wouldn’t you? That is like a 99.70% customer satisfaction ratio! This product works and we stand behind it! So much so that we offer the ONLY Lifetime Warranty in the entire pool industry. We can’t help falsehoods placed on the internet as this product is going to cut into the incomes of a LOT of people in the pool industry who will stop at nothing to discredit it!

The bottom line is no one returns Septor 7 because once they dive in the water they realize this is an amazing product that works! Plus if there was ever an issue with their product they are given a new one at NO cost as we have always offered a lifetime warranty!

So we have clients that have had Septor 7 in their pool for 8 years! This is not a new product. The only thing that is new is nationwide release of the product as our patent was just approved in March of 2016 which is what RJ was waiting for to go nationwide.

Owner of one of Winston La Gron Industries’ first models from eight years ago, Dan Clancy of Peoria, Arizona, says he and his wife will never use any other system. “It’s like swimming in pure fresh water; no odor, no taste, just very relaxing and soothing water to the skin and eyes”

Watch and read the testimonials of some of our satisfied customers…we even have a skin doctor on video endorsing the product (do not think he would lie and risk his practice)! These are real people.

With our guarantee and warranty you have nothing to lose but your health and lots of money if don’t buy Septor 7 which will preserve your health, and your money as well as the environment!  You just happen to be fortunate enough to be in the right place at the right time…because the Wave has now gone through all the testing, is completely patent approved, and now available nationwide!

Dave Brandenburg, owner of Brandenburg Pools (pictured on the right), a Scottsdale custom pool builder, has been using Septor 7 for his customers for years. “I’m excited that The Wave is finally accessible to all pool owners. Your pool water will be unbelievably clean and crystal-clear.”

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